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CBD for Pets vs. Humans

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Tue Jan 19 05:00:00 UTC 2021


We get this question a lot.  You’ve been incorporating CBD into your everyday routine, and as a loving pet parent, you want to extend CBD to your pet’s daily schedule too.  This is why we’ve developed a suite of products precisely formulated for pets—and why you should keep your personal CBD products for yourself.


Many in-market CBD products contain small amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the intoxicating component of the cannabis plant.  Dogs have more brain receptors for THC than humans do, so even some small amounts of THC can have a negative effect.  Animals are also known to be hypersensitive or in some cases allergic to certain terpenes that can be found in cannabis plants.  These terpenes produce the signature cannabis scent as a defense mechanism to deter animals from consuming the plant.  Our products have been manufactured for use in pets and have been chemically treated to remove THC to extremely low levels far below the 0.3% maximum threshold for THC that NASC requires.  


We strongly suggest you always follow label directions that include the user the product was made for.  Therefore, only give your pets products that were manufactured specifically for pets. 


The regulatory landscape for CBD is always evolving.  We’ll continue to update this article with the latest information.

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