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How to Use Topical CBD

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You can eat, drink and vape CBD… and even massage the topical variation of this natural product directly into your skin. Whether it’s in the form of creams, salves, lotions or serums, topical CBD has become mainstream in recent years for a variety of reasons.


CBD is a chemical compound obtained from hemp that is believed by users to have physiological and cosmetic benefits. Those who try CBD can enjoy the benefits with the peace of mind that it’s non-toxic and non-psychoactive. Let’s take a closer look at topical CBD, what it is and how it works.


What is Topical CBD?

From lotions and creams to bath bombs, salves and serums, topical CBD is taking the world by storm. Why? When applied topically, CBD will rarely reach the bloodstream and instead will focus solely on the area to which it is applied. Once absorbed into the skin, CBD quickly reaches targeted areas and can have a positive impact for many people.


How does it interact with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

The ECS in our bodies contains receptors throughout the vertebrate central nervous system. These receptors are believed to be positively impacted by CBD, which makes this topical product such a powerful tool for those who are passionate about its health and wellness benefits.


Benefits of Topical CBD

Physical Benefits of Topical CBD:

Studies suggest that topical CBD attaches to specialized receptors in our body positively affecting the way we respond to discomfort. Through this natural process, many people have found additional comfort from topical CBD.


CBD for Beauty and Skincare:

According to the thousands who use CBD just for those reasons, the answer is yes. CBD happens to be a powerful antioxidant, reducing those pesky free radicals we hate so much. As a natural moisturizer, topical CBD promotes oil secretion and is also said to protect beneficial collagen production. For these reasons, it’s popping up in many face creams, balms, serums and body lotions to bring body bliss wherever needed.


Final Thoughts on Topical CBD

People have been using CBD for thousands of years for a variety of reasons. This may be why we’re seeing such explosive growth in the industry in recent years despite a long history of beneficial use by some. Learn more about CBD skincare here.

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