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The New Best Kept Secret in Sports

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Fri May 22 04:00:00 UTC 2020

A natural evolution in health and wellness

BioSteel is a brand with an authentic following of high-profile athletes. Its products have established credibility amongst athletes and health-conscious consumers alike. BioSteel is purchased by 70 per cent of teams across North America’s major sports leagues. The company is leading the industry of healthy sports drinks in the market and has become the number one purchased product in professional sports.


Upon realizing that top performing athletes were consuming products littered with fillers, artificial sweeteners, flavors and other unhealthy ingredients, BioSteel became dedicated to developing a new standard of quality for sports nutrition. The company’s clean, safe, and effective formulas quickly gained support and popularity amongst some of the most prominent pro athletes and everyday sports nutrition consumers with a taste for high-quality products.


Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BioSteel, Michael Cammalleri was introduced to CBD late in his career by some of his younger teammates. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of hundreds of compounds found in cannabis. At the time, Cammalleri was dealing with chronic upper back issues and became a daily consumer.


In October of 2019 BioSteel partnered with Canopy Growth for its expertise in the field of CBD. BioSteel’s CBD mission is to create the healthiest and safest products of its kind. Premium ingredients, product transparency, functionality and authenticity are the values that have helped BioSteel redefine and raise the bar for sports nutrition everywhere.


As the brand enters a new era of health and wellness, BioSteel continues to create products that remedy common issues in our society. We have heard the sporting world loud and clear. People are demanding something different – a more natural path. CBD is that path, and the new best kept secret in sports.

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