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Storz + Bickel Capsule Caddy


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Storz + Bickel Capsule Caddy

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Storz + Bickel Capsule Caddy


Storz + Bickel Capsule Caddy



Vaporizer Accessory

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The Dosing Capsules are compatible with all S&B Vaporizers and are designed to make filling much more convenient. You can fill ground herbs into the Dosing Capsules in advance and replace the capsule for a new one once depleted. Additionally, using the capsules will help keep your Filling Chamber clean and reduce maintenance.
The Capsule Caddy is a handy Dosing Capsule holder for your key chain. It is perfect on-the-go and holds up to four Dosing Capsules. The Capsule Caddy is odor-proof and waterproof!

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